Welcome to the new era of Lthrboots Lthrboots is ready to unleash the new “Domination” album upon the masses. Prepare for Domination! You have been warned! About Lthrboots  Lthrboots is just one person, Jerry Jones, creating Industrial, Darkwave, Electro and EBM music.  Lthrboots was formed in 2001 and quickly gained attention in the music industry as a performer, composer and remixer. In 2001, Lthrboots was signed to Sabre Entertainment management and worked with SONY, Mick Fleetwood, David Arkenstont, Nicholas Gunn, ILONA EUROPA, Information Society, Stromkern, The Hermit, X-Games 14 and more. With 1 self-released album and 1 Sabre Entertainment album release, Lthrboots is set to unleash a brand new album upon the masses in 2011. “Domination” is scheduled for release in August 2011, and the first music video for “My Salvation” has already been released worldwide and is gaining in popularity. Once the album is released, Lthrboots will begin the “Lthrboots Domination Tour”. © Lthrboots / Sabre Entertainment - 2011